Why Should You Choose Large Format Tiles for Your Home?

There is a myriad of ways to improve the look and functionality of your home. Some of the most sought-after trends in interior design nowadays move toward clean, minimalist and contemporary themes.

Large tiles are very popular for commercial establishments such as restaurants, boutiques and hotels. However, through years of development in design and functionality, these tiles have become a huge trend in residential settings. Thanks to these tiles’ large format and fewer grout lines, they can effortlessly create a seamless look and unified design in your interior. Another side perk that homeowners love is there will be lesser grout to clean.

At Toowoomba Tiling, we want to guide our clients in finding the best tile material for their space. Whether they need tiles for the floors of their home or feature walls in their office, we go all out to help them achieve the results they require and prefer. That is why our team have gathered some helpful information about large format tiles and their advantages. Check them out and see if large format tiles are the best choice for your space.


When it comes to large format tiles, you will have an array of colours, patterns, materials and styles to choose from. Whether you want the aesthetic appeal of natural stone tiles like marble and slate or prefer the durability of ceramic and porcelain tiles – you can scour for the tile material you need in a large format. Besides that, since the tiles cover a lot of surface area, it can make an illusion of a larger space in your room. So, if your kitchen or bathroom is running low on space, installing large format tiles on its walls or floors can add a sense of spaciousness to the room.

Low Maintenance

Compared to small format tiles, these tiles need fewer sheets to cover a surface area, so there will also be lesser grout. Cleaning and maintaining large format tiles are more convenient because you no longer need to spend a lot of time scrubbing the grout line where mould and mildew can build up.

Visual Appeal

Another benefit of large format tiles is that they can help create an elegant and luxurious look to any space. Since it provides a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, this type of tiles is popular for homeowners who wish to attain a modern and seamless finish for their floors and walls. You can install them on the floors and walls of your kitchen, bathroom, living room and even as feature walls on your bedroom. Besides that, you can also find designs and patterns that will suit traditional themes and decors.

Less Grout Lines

As mentioned above, large format tiles have lesser grout lines because they can cover a lot of areas with just one tile. Due to that, there will be lesser interruptions in the design and flow of your tiles. Having minimal grout lines can also be an advantage because you can save a lot of time regrouting and resealing your tiles.

Easy Installation

Even if these tiles are typically used to make compact spaces appear larger, they can also be a great alternative for spacious areas because of the coverage they can provide. You can significantly reduce the installation time when using large format tiles because you will install lesser tile sheets compared to when you are using small tiles.

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