Structured Tiles and What to Know About Them

Structured tiles are essentially a type of tile that has texture or shape pressed into it before the clay is fired. These textured tiles are generally made from both ceramic and porcelain and similar to regular smooth tiles, are durable and long-lasting. While they work better as wall tiles, you have the option to apply them as floor tiles for spaces like your pool area for anti-slip measures. You’ll find that when it comes to structured tiles, like regular tiles, there are a number of options that you can select from that go further than the general textured form.

Types of Structured Tiles

There are a variety of types that you can select from and with structured tiles, the different types that you can select from are as follows:

Glaciem: A type of structured tile that would be considered as a glass mosaic that can be cut in different ways to create a surface height and bounce off light in a room. They can create a bright atmosphere with their mosaic aspect and bring an interesting texture to your walls. You’ll find that this type of tile can pair well with rustic wood on a wall.

Pathwork: This type of tile has a raised grid-like texture as part of the glaze and creates a tactile surface without breaking up block colour. Patchwork tiles can work great for spaces like bathrooms and pair with a glass feature or bold metallics for the overall design.

Swave: Created with a rolling 3-D wave, this type of design can be used to create a statement wall or mix with the plain tile to create a decorative border. If you are fond of a more simplistic or minimal design with an interesting texture, this design can provide it.

Mandara: A unique design that can come in either a honeycomb or pyramid pattern. They need to be laid in a linear formation for the pattern to match up and you will want to use a coloured grout to define the edges of the tile and create a graphic-looking wall.

There are other tile designs that fall under the structured tile category and you’ll find that there is a certain way you will want to use structured tiles.

Other Structured Tiles and How to Use Them

A type of smooth structured tile called the Stoneway range is something that is designed to resemble natural stone and versatile for your property. This style works best for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, or conservatories and can bring both a creative and organic touch. Aside from this, if you would like to bring out your wall with an accent strip, Ordi Beige or the Imotion Inox Metallic designs are structured tiles to consider. Given the different styles and options that are available with structured tiles, you will want to have a professional service that can help deliver this option. One such service to consider is Toowoomba Tiling.

Consider Toowoomba Tiling for Your Structured Tiles

A number of professional services offer a wide range of tiles for you to select from. With Toowoomba Tiling, you’ll find not just regular tiles to choose from, but also structured tiles that can meet your design needs. Toowoomba Tiling is a reliable service that has worked on a variety of tiling services and delivers quality service. Should you choose to hire this service, you can be assured of a number of options and quality services ready for you.


Structured walls are a creative tile that you can consider for your property/tiling project. With the different styles that it can come in, there is a variety of designs that you can consider. Generally used for walls, structured tiles can really bring out your choice of space in different ways depending on the style you are looking for. If you are looking for a service that can offer a range of options with this tile, an option to consider is Toowoomba Tiling. Simply put, structured tiles are textured tiles that can provide both creativity and functionality for your home.

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