Why Should You Invest in Subway Tiles?

At Toowoomba Tiling, our crew of professionals help our customers to discover the best flooring options that will suit their space and match the functionality they require. One of the trendy and versatile tile choices we recommend are subway tiles. Have you heard about it? It may seem like a familiar term that you hear on home improvement projects. Or there is also a chance that you have already seen subway tiles on homes and commercial establishments but don’t really know what they are called.

Subway tile is a growing trend that can stay stylish no matter the season. They are an excellent pick if you prefer to add a unique and creative touch to your space’s interior décor. With its sleek lines, tight grout joints and a popular minimalist style that can seamlessly blend into various designs and themes, many homeowners in Toowoomba prefer to use this tile choice for their properties. So if you would also like to try using subway tiles for your home, we can help you know more about this tile material. Look into its origin and advantages and determine if subway tiles are the right flooring choice you need.

Subway Tile and Its Origin

If you wonder why this flooring material is called subway tile, you don’t have to think too hard because the clue is on the name itself. These tiles were first seen in New York’s subway stations. Designers have come up with a tile material that is low-maintenance, durable and has a surface that will look good even when installed on a dark subway station.

Subway tiles are made from ceramic tiles that are glazed to achieve a highly reflective and glossy finish. Besides that, they are considered a hygienic tile option because they are resistant to stains and easier to clean. Due to its natural properties and versatile features, subway tiles are now one of the most popular and classic tile choices for residential and commercial applications.

Advantages of Using Subway Tiles

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

If you are scouring for a tile alternative that will not easily go out of style, you can stick with a famous and classic choice – subway tiles. It has an inherently minimalist design and clean surface that can conveniently match or blend into various décor and architectural structures. They are commonly used on kitchen backsplashes and bathroom countertops because of their clean and sleek finish. Through innovations, the classic bright and white subway tiles are now available in a myriad of colours and finishes. So if you wish to add a splash of colour or a bit of character to your room, you can choose from the diverse subway tile options.

Excellent Backdrop

Subway tiles are an excellent tile choice for your walls if you want to have a clean slate or backdrop for your space. They are a popular pick for homeowners who don’t want their walls to overpower their space’s decorative features and accents. For example, if you prefer to make the mirrors, windows, cabinets, or other fixtures in your bathroom stand out, picking a tile material that offers a clean and minimalist finish can be your go-to choice. White subway tiles with a glossy finish work well as a backdrop because they can effectively accentuate the fixtures and elements in an area. You can also be creative and use unique patterns to create an elegant visual interest in the room.


Compared to natural stone tiles or porcelain tiles, subway tiles are very affordable. The price for ceramic subway tiles usually starts at around $2 per square foot. However, there are also high-end and handmade artisan varieties that have a higher upfront price. Since subway tiles have tight grout joints and are resistant to stain and bacteria, they only require minimal upkeep, so you don’t have to spend a lot on maintenance.

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