Tile Removal Toowoomba

Tile Removal

If you plan to have renovations for your property and change your flooring, you have to remove the old ones first. This can be an extensive and messy process that you may not be able to handle by yourself. That is why it is essential to ask for the assistance of a professional tile removal company in Toowoomba to deal with the process efficiently and quickly. 

At Toowoomba Tiling, we have years of experience in providing tiling services, so we can help you get your old tile flooring out of your spaces and prepare the areas for having a new flooring material installed. Through our well-organized and fast process, we can have the tile flooring removed in as short as one day so that we can easily proceed in establishing a new one without delay. 


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Why Remove Tile Flooring?

Through time, the tile flooring of your industrial establishments may look worn out because of the inevitable wear and tear. Here are some issues that may lead to tile removal:

  • noticeable cracks
  • broken and missing pieces
  • loose tiles
  • prominent stains and fading
  • discolored grout

How To Remove Tile Floor

At Toowoomba tiling, we can ensure you that you will no longer suffer from dust and messy areas while removing your old tiles because we are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment that leave dust-free spaces for your property. Through the help of our advanced equipment, the dust particles during the removal are greatly reduced so that your business’s spaces remain clean and safe for all the people staying there. Here are the steps on how we will remove your old tiled floors:

  1. We take away first the baseboards or cut along the furniture or appliances to make sure that you can conveniently install your new flooring. 
  2. We break the first tile using a hammer. After that, we use a chisel to pick up the remaining parts of the first tile. Once we successfully remove the first tile, we will just pop the remaining tiles using the hammer and chisel. 
  3. After all the tiles are removed, we will take away the underlayment of the tiles. 
  4. When finished, we will clean the subfloor and prepare it for the new flooring installation.

Why Work With Toowoomba Tiling For Your Tile Removal

Treating tile removal as a DIY project can be rewarding, but it can be dangerous, and you might end up hurting yourself. Besides that, if it is not done properly, you also risk damaging your floor’s underlying surface.

At Toowoomba Tiling, we can efficiently remove unwanted tile flooring from your commercial spaces guaranteeing that the job is executed with care and in a timely fashion. With the help of professionals in the tiling industry, you can save time and labor-intensive effort to get everything sorted. Moreover, we have state-of-the-art machinery to generate the desired results for our customers and sustain a durable flooring system that can last for a long time. 

If you plan to have tile removal for your business space, this might be the perfect moment to give us a call. After our reliable team has successfully removed your old tiles, we can also give you various tile installation options to help you have brand new and attractive flooring.